Adding a custom Gameplay Debugger Page

Published by on August 21, 2019
Categories: Unreal Engine 4

The Gameplay debugger is a powerful visual tool in UE. It is access in game by the ‘ key.

In this post, we are going to create a custom Gameplay debugger category, and allow you to display whatever information you like on it.

Step 1: Build.cs file

Open your projects build.cs file, and place the following

after your module dependencies.

Step 2: Creating the category.

You need a custom GameInstance class, and this class should be set in UE4. We will be adding a couple of line to GameInstance inside the Init function.

This will create a custom debugger page on page 6 (key 6) on the GameplayDebugger.

Step 3: Creating the custom struct for the debug category.

As you can see from the above, we created a instance of FMyCustomDebugger. We now need to make this struct so you can place this struct anywhere you like (i created a custom .h and .cpp file for my custom debugger pages.

and the .cpp file looks like this

From the above, we are calling a custom public function on MyPawn, called DescribeSelfToGameplayDebugger and passing in this struct for the function to use. Below i will show you an example of this function.

In MyPawn.h i have the function declared as:

and in the .cpp file of MyPawn

In the above, we are simply printing the Location and Rotation of MyPawn.

That should just about cover it, if you need any more help, find me on UE4 Slackers discord, or post a comment below.

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