Gameplay Tag Relationships

When dealing with a lot of abilities, the block and cancel tags can get confusing and hard to keep managed. By using a relationship, we can apply block, cancel and activation tags from a more central location. This allows us to define what ability tags block and cancels what abilities, Example below: This is a Gameplay Tag Relationships

Gameplay Ability Set’s

Gameplay Ability Sets allow you define a set of abilities and effects which are given to the target ASC, I use these to apply the default generic abilities a player has, and default generic effects each player will have. These can also be used for things like perks, etc. The other benefit is, they can Gameplay Ability Set’s

All about BTTasks in C++

I get a lot of question on Unreal Slackers Discord about custom BTTasks in C++, how to create and some of the more obscure stuff with tasks. I will be going over some of the things that will help you with these tasks. First of, lets start with some constructor stuff we can do. There All about BTTasks in C++