Checking if Gameplay Ability is Active.

Here some useful functions for your custom Ability System Component to determine if an ability is Active or not. This is a very short post, and the functions should make some sense just by reading them.

Gameplay Tag Stack Container

Here is a very simple container which allows you to have replicated Gameplay Tags as a Stack Count. Useful for say things like Weapon Ammo, Inventory item count, stat points, etc. Here is the header file: And the cpp file part: To use it, simply add a replicated property somewhere, say for example your player Gameplay Tag Stack Container

Gameplay Tag Relationships

When dealing with a lot of abilities, the block and cancel tags can get confusing and hard to keep managed. By using a relationship, we can apply block, cancel and activation tags from a more central location. This allows us to define what ability tags block and cancels what abilities, Example below: This is a Gameplay Tag Relationships

Gameplay Ability Set’s

Gameplay Ability Sets allow you define a set of abilities and effects which are given to the target ASC, I use these to apply the default generic abilities a player has, and default generic effects each player will have. These can also be used for things like perks, etc. The other benefit is, they can Gameplay Ability Set’s